Algeria and Russia signed a contract for the supply of Su-57 fighters worth almost $ 2 billion

Algeria purchased from Russia Su-57 fighters worth almost $ 2 billion.

The Defense Ministry of Algeria, in the framework of negotiations with the Russian military, has reached an agreement on the purchase of the latest Russian Su-57 fighters worth almost $ 2 billion. The corresponding contract has already been signed by both parties - we are talking about 14 fifth-generation fighters at once.

A year earlier, the media had already reported on Algeria's intentions to purchase a large batch of Russian combat aircraft, among which Su-57 fighters also appeared, however, confirmation of this appeared only now.

“The Ministry of Defense of Algeria has signed a contract for the purchase from Russia of about 14 new-generation Su-57 heavy fighters. "This makes Algeria the first foreign customer for the Kremlin's new fighters after they entered serial production in July 2019," the publication says.- This is reported by the Russian information publication Polit Russia, with reference to the American edition of Military Watch.

It should be noted that Algeria is extremely interested in the acquisition of modern military equipment, and, moreover, this country shows particular interest in Russian weapons, and the purchase of Su-57 fighters may allow Algeria to become an African country with one of the best air forces on the entire continent.


AAA, and what would you do? Would you go buy a case of beer and three bottles of vodka? Would be buzzing !!!! ))))

What are your taxes? Ask Zelensky for your taxes.

Algeria is not the one to whom debts were forgiven for 2006 billion greenbacks in 4.7 (at the current rate of 2500 rubles for each citizen of the Russian Federation, I would not mind)? Will these deliveries also be on loan, and then they will again be forgiven at the expense of my taxes?

And what have you already produced more than 750 pieces?

Knowing firsthand about the quality of military Algerian pilots, I would like to ask a rhetorical question: "Who will fly the Su-57?" You won't put our military experts in the cockpit there - times are different.

Did you pay $ 2 billion or borrow it? I feel again after a while a massive debt write-off will start again. The same rake from the USSR.

Is it okay that the US started selling F-35s even before they were made? :)

at the expense of the proceeds, 10-14 su-57 fighters will be built for the VKS free of charge

Hmm, we haven't bought ourselves yet, but the sale has already begun, and all technologies will flow away.