American aviation monitors all visits of Russian aircraft to Venezuela

The United States is concerned about the deployment of Russian forces in Venezuela.

Despite the fact that Russia has not yet held official negotiations with the Venezuelan authorities regarding the possibility of deploying Russian military bases on the territory of this country, although Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev announced that such facilities will not be built in Latin America yet) , The United States is extremely actively watching Venezuela, fearing that the Russian military, strategic aviation or fleet may be sent here.

According to the monitoring service Flightradar 24, over the past day, US military reconnaissance aircraft have been seen near Venezuelan airspace at least twice.

In the above image, you can see the route of the movement of the American military reconnaissance aircraft along the coast of Venezuela. Close attention is paid to this direction for the reason that it is best suited for the deployment of a Russian military base and missile weapons. Despite the fact that officially Russia has not yet begun negotiations with Caracas, work in the Bolivarian Republic may well be underway.

Such flights of American military aircraft near the borders of Venezuela indicate the fact that the United States is very much concerned about Russia's ability to deploy its weapons in the region, as this will reduce the strike time by several times and minimize the chances of a successful interception.