American B-52 simulated a missile attack on Kaliningrad

American strategic bombers "worked" to strike at Kaliningrad.

This afternoon, the American strategic bomber B-52 Stratofortress took off from the military air base Barksdale, which headed for the northeast, and turned off the transponders, disappeared in an unknown direction. According to some data, which appeared in social networks, the American B-52 headed across the Atlantic Ocean to the coast of Great Britain, where he made an imitation attack on the Russian military bases located in the Kaliningrad region.

According to the data presented, the US strategic bombers B-52 are capable of carrying missiles that allow hitting targets at distances up to 2,4 thousand kilometers, and given the fact that the bombers on the western coast of Great Britain are on the opposite course, the distance from times about 2,4 thousand kilometers.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this matter from the West, but NATO and allied aviation increasingly approaches the borders of the Russian Federation, creating provocations and forcing Russia to take active countermeasures.

long time it is necessary to bring down this be-52 and there would not be any questions. I wish I had a red button.