American drones MQ-9 Reaper shot down missiles SAM "Cube". Video

Hussites showed SAM Cube in action against American shock drones.

A few days ago, an American unmanned aerial vehicle, which was called one of the best drones in the world in the United States, was destroyed in Yemen. As it turned out, the drone was not only able to be detected long before it was able to attack the positions of the Yemeni rebels, but also to shoot it down, with only a slightly modernized Soviet anti-aircraft guided missile.

Yemeni rebels have posted footage showing anti-aircraft missiles allegedly of "domestic" production, however. As it turned out, we are talking about Soviet anti-aircraft guided missiles "Cube", which was also confirmed by Western military analysts.

According to the information provided, it was precisely with such missiles in the airspace of Yemen that the vast majority of unmanned aerial vehicles of Saudi Arabia and the USA were destroyed, while experts do not exclude that in Yemen they could well establish their own production of such missiles, only slightly adapted for ground-based launchers , because according to previously released data, the rebels are not armed with air defense systems.

In an advanced homing head. And Belarusians can help them in this - they specialize in the modernization of old Soviet air defense systems.

And what, interestingly, is the modernization of these missiles?

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