American F-35s staged a provocation near Snake Island

American F-35 fighters were first seen in the area of ​​​​Snake Island.

A group of two American F-35 fighters is seen near Serpents' Island, the first sighting of American combat aircraft in the region. The planes tried to approach the island and, apparently, to avoid detection, turned off the transponders. However, even taking into account the available data, the approach of the fighters to the Serpentine was about 70 kilometers. This corresponds to the combat range of the air-to-surface missile fighters currently in service.

At the moment, it is known that one of the American F-35 fighters flew with the transponder constantly turned off, while the automatic transponder of the second worked periodically. This indicates that the American pilots tried to hide their presence in certain areas of the flights. In turn, this may indicate the fact that the approach to Serpent's Island was even greater.

In the presented image, you can see the route of movement of American F-35 fighters. The fighters were accompanied by a tanker aircraft, as well as an early warning and control aircraft, which, however, did not go beyond Romanian airspace.

It is not known exactly what tasks the American F-35 fighters performed here, however, according to experts, one of the aircraft provided cover for the second, which could well be located at a distance of 20-30 kilometers from Snake.