Fighter F-16


The American F-16 fighter lost a missile during the flight - it was accidentally found

The American F-16 fighter lost a rocket during the flight, accident became known about the accident.

The US Air Force F-16 fighter, during a training flight, lost a training missile over Japanese Aomori Prefecture. For unknown reasons, the command of the US military airbase decided to keep silent about this incident, however, the rocket was discovered by local residents, in connection with which, serious accusations again fell upon the Pentagon.

According to the information available to the resource, the rocket was discovered by local residents, moreover, this was done quite by accident. It is known that the ammunition was far beyond the limits set for training flights, the zone.

Why the American military command decided to hide the fact of the loss of ammunition, even the training, is unknown, however, for the American military in the territory of this country, such an incident could turn into a serious scandal, since a year earlier several Japanese citizens suffered from flights of American military aircraft, in particular, on a helicopter’s porthole fell over a teenager, and later, an unknown fragment of another rotorcraft was dropped on the school grounds.