Aircraft E-8C Joint Stars


An American aircraft portends an attack seen at Russian borders

The American combat control and target designation aircraft E-8C Joint Stars was spotted at Russian borders.

A few hours ago, not far from the borders of the airspace of the Kaliningrad region, an American military command and control aircraft E-8C Joint Stars was spotted, which is considered to be the messenger of the beginning of military operations.

“The plane took off from the German Ramstein airbase, for several hours it flew over the Baltic Sea. E-8C Joint Stars is designed to track and identify targets and control military operations. It is capable of detecting targets at 200-kilometer distance. At the same time, an RC-135V radio-technical reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the US Air Force was seen near the borders of the Kaliningrad Region. For three hours he flew over Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea. ”, - reports "».

For what purpose, the E-8C Joint Stars military aircraft flying near the borders of the Russian Federation is still unknown, but experts believe that the main reason is the air defense and missile defense systems deployed in the Kaliningrad Region that are trying to “crack” in Washington, in order to gain an advantage over Russia.

"Washington is trying to" crack "in order to gain an advantage over Russia." You are mistaken a little, they TRAIN the combat calculations of the Russian Aerospace Forces at their ACCOUNT. Thanks to them for saving ours.