Armenia threatened to sever all ties with the CSTO

Armenia announced that it will withdraw from the CSTO if the country is not provided with assistance.

Armenia plans to withdraw from the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the event that other member states of the organization do not take measures to ensure the security of Armenia against the background of armed clashes and the open seizure of Armenian territory by the Azerbaijani military.

“The primary task of Turkey and Azerbaijan, which they want to realize at this stage, is to increase pressure on Armenia so that official Yerevan would make certain concessions in a number of important areas. In particular, we are talking about the status of Karabakh, about the fact that Armenia must come to terms with the fact that there are Azerbaijani soldiers on its territory, and so on. Border provocations pursue a specific goal - to increase pressure on Armenia, with subsequent concessions from the latter. And if this time the CSTO will not be able to implement the main functions for which it was created, then this will put the future of this organization under a very "fat" question. "- Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences Ruben Safrastyan said.

At the moment, the situation on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan is critical, which is primarily due to the regular shelling of the territory of the Republic of Armenia by the Azerbaijani military and the seizure of the territory of Armenia. CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas did not respond properly to the situation, calling on the parties to the conflict only to restraint.

“In fact, today only the Russian side is trying to control the situation. The reaction of the Belarusian side so far is rather surprising, since given the fact that Armenia is a member of the CSTO, Minsk continues to flirt with Baku, signing some agreements, welcoming the aggression of Azerbaijan (the transfer of a part of the NKR under the control of Baku) and ignoring Yerevan in every possible way ", - the analyst notes.

A little earlier it became known that Russia had already sent its forces to the Azerbaijani-Armenian border to control the situation, but the situation in the region was aggravating very quickly.

The Kremlin itself organized the war and the defeat of Armenia. What is it about? What's the point of staying in league with a traitor? This is not the first time Moscow has betrayed Armenia. This is already a habit. Not only has he been robbing for 30 years, he also sold Armenian lands.
Around Russia, everyone became its enemies, thanks to the policies of Putin VV.
Russia will soon have to set up posts on the border with Rostov and Armavir from Turkish (NATO) troops.

Pashinyan proceeded to the final part of his duties received from the United States. To remove Armenia from the ODKB, to tear it away from Russia as much as possible, so that Turkey and Azerostan would take both Karabakh and Armenia, introducing it all into Azerbaijan after cutting out 80% of the population a year.

Straight to the point, in the mid-80s, an increasing migration from Armenia to Russia began.

Isn't it time to come to your senses and deal with the country, which is called "the most ancient" and the most "long-suffering". Azerbaijan is your neighbor, make peace with it, and do not seek help from distant bosses from other continents and continents?

Russia cannot put things in order at home, do not expect any help.

posters with the slogan: - invaders get out of Armenia for a while hid?

Well, what did they think to keep the Azerbaijani lands in occupation for 30 years, now it is the turn of the Armenians, let them learn on their own skin how it is to lose 20% of their own lands. Comrades Armenians you have to pay for everything, now it's your turn to be strong and you don't need to ask everyone for help.

They want the Russian guys to put their heads in, and they themselves are engaged in criminal business all over Russia

right to the point of uv.A. And everything is correctly noticed and there is nothing to add here

What can the CSTO do? This is a fake organization that is not going to help anyone. Every man for himself.

Those who dream of Great Armenia should be more modest. All the warm regions of Russia and, of course, Moscow are already inhabited by the performers of this dream. In Central and Southern Russia, they are everywhere. It comes to the ridiculous: they populate the territory, build a temple on it and begin to claim that they have returned to the land of their ancestors. It is necessary to be more modest, more modest. Generally speaking, there is an opportunity to turn Armenia into a new Israel with highly developed agriculture and high-tech industries. But for some reason, the Armenians who have firmly settled in Russia (and not only) are in no hurry either to build or defend their historical homeland. But making such statements, counting in advance on the protection of Russia, is easy. But Russia's patience is not unlimited, and Russian guys will not die in the name of Great Armenia, while her sons will trade in markets and in their shopping and entertainment centers ...

First of all, the Armenian authorities do not need to interfere with the army and the people to defend themselves (arrest of the leaders of local structures that organized the people's militia), return weapons to the residents of border villages. There is an agreement with Russia and we need to implement it.

Yeah, give Armenians a gift to Aliyev))
As soon as Armenia leaves the CSTO, Azerbaijani troops will enter Yerevan.
And why should the CSTO countries fit in for Karabakh, if Armenia itself, Karabakh does not recognize it?

What is "NKR"?
Which countries recognize "NKR"?
When did Armenia officially recognize "NKR"?
Maybe answer these questions so that your readers know too.



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