Drone attack on Russian spy ship caught on video

A video has been published showing a drone attack on the Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs, located in the Black Sea. Information about this was distributed by RBC-Ukraine, referring to the Telegram channel "Kordon 91".

As the video footage shows, the drone attacks the ship from the stern. After the impact, the recording ends. At the same time, it is not specified whether other unmanned aerial vehicles were able to carry out successful attacks on the ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

On May 24, journalists reported that drones attacked the reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs, which was in the Black Sea, in the morning. Later, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the fact of an attempt to attack the ship with the help of three unmanned boats, blaming Ukraine for this. Note that the official statement of the Russian department states that all targets were destroyed. In support of its words, the ministry provided a video showing the destruction of one boat.

The new video footage has not yet been commented on by the Russian side, however, it was previously stated that the reconnaissance ship continued its mission.

"Ivan Khurs" is the first serial communications vessel designed for radio intelligence and electronic warfare. The ship was launched in just 2017 and is part of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.


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