China Southern Airlines Airline


Airlines "China Southern Airlines" will resume flights to Irkutsk

The largest airline in China will launch two flights to Irkutsk.

According to official data, the Chinese air carrier "China Southern Airlines", starting from July, will launch the flights of Harbin - Irkutsk and Shenyang - Irkutsk, which in turn should increase the tourist flow by about 10 thousand people. Earlier, the Chinese airline "China Southern Airlines" already carried out flights to Irkutsk, however, later, it stopped flying, and the current flight resumption will be the first for 6 years.

Flights from Shenyang to Irkutsk will be operated at a frequency of three times a week, and flights from Harbin to Irkutsk will be carried out at a frequency of two times a week, at the same time, the cost of tickets, as well as the flight schedule, are still unknown.