Fighters in battle


The authors of the computer game Battlefield showed how the Russian Su-57 keeps the American F-35 at gunpoint

The developers of the computer game showed a trailer with the dominance of the Russian fighter over the American F-35.

The authors of the upcoming computer game "Battlefield 2042" published a game trailer, which showed the key features of the game novelty. As it turned out, the game features an American F-35 fighter and a Russian Su-57 fighter. The in-game trailer shows how a fifth generation Russian combat aircraft successfully intercepts an American combat aircraft, completely dominating close combat.

In the video footage presented, you can see how the Russian Su-57 demonstrates complete dominance over the fifth generation American F-35 combat aircraft, as a result of which the pilot at some point only had to eject. Experts note that this is a direct allusion to the fact that the Russian Su-57 in its capabilities is significantly superior to the American stealth fighter.

Nevertheless, the developers of the game decided to demonstrate clearly contrived elements. In particular, in the trailer you can see how the F-35 pilot, after ejection, destroys the Russian Su-57, oddly enough, from an anti-tank missile system.

“The developers of the computer game quite rightly pointed out the lack of stealth protection of the American fifth generation fighter, since the Russian Su-57 actually took aim at it. Nevertheless, further the developers decided to act far-fetched, showing how the F-35 pilot destroys the Russian Su-57 from the ATGM - the latter not only will not be able to take the American F-35 into the cockpit, but it will obviously take more than a few shares to prepare for such a shot. seconds ", - the analyst underlines.

Jump out of the cockpit at high speeds with a grenade launcher, shoot another plane flying at high speed, hit it, and then return to the cockpit of your own plane ... Of course, computer games do not have to be absolutely believable, but with each new absurdity conquers a new one a height that until recently seemed unattainable.