Azerbaijan was convicted of supplying Ukraine with 120-mm. mortar mines 2022 release

Azerbaijan is supplying Ukraine with 120-mm. artillery mines.

Video footage taken by the Ukrainian military indicates that Azerbaijan is actively supplying Ukraine with artillery ammunition, hiding behind friendly relations with Ukraine. So, on one of the videos, 120 mm were found. artillery mines 40M11. Moreover, judging by the year of issue, the latter were delivered after the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

On the presented frame from the video, you can see that we are talking about 40M11 ammunition, which is 120 mm. artillery mines. Judging by the markings, the latter were produced in Azerbaijan in 2022. This does not exclude the possibility that we are talking about the supply of ammunition as early as 2023.

It is noteworthy that Azerbaijan does not advertise the supply of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, hiding behind friendly relations with Moscow, although earlier it became known that Azerbaijan presented Ukraine with three MiG-29 fighters, and also supplied aerial bombs, ammunition for mortars and artillery and etc.

The supply of weapons to Ukraine could seriously undermine relations between Baku and Moscow, even though Azerbaijan does not openly supply weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.


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