"Base": The Minister of Emergency Situations of Chechnya beat up policemen in Dagestan


"Base": The Minister of Emergency Situations of Chechnya beat up police officers in Dagestan after being detained

A scandalous incident occurred in Chechnya involving the Minister of Emergency Situations of the republic, Alikhan Tsakaev, and soldiers of the Russian Guard. The major general was detained for driving on the wrong side of the road and insulting police officers, which attracted the attention of officials and intelligence agencies.

According to the Baza source, after Tsakaev was detained, he was transported to a filtration control point, where the minister repeatedly insulted police officers and used physical force against two of them.

“Tsakaev hit the police twice - he kicked a 26-year-old senior sergeant in the stomach, and kicked a 33-year-old senior lieutenant, who came to Dagestan on a business trip from Novosibirsk, in the knee.”, - reports "Baza"

Armed fighters from the Russian Guard from Chechnya arrived to help the detainee, who issued an ultimatum to extradite Tsakaev, demonstrating weapons and using violence against the police.

The conflict reached its climax when a traffic police officer arrived from Chechnya in an official car to take Tsakaev’s jeep, which further aggravated the situation. As a result, under the threat of violence, the police were forced to submit to the demands of the Russian Guard and release the minister.

Based on the results of the incident, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the North Caucasus Federal District initiated an internal investigation. Perhaps Tsakaev’s actions are considered a violation of the law, falling under articles on insult and use of violence against a government official, and the actions of the security forces from Chechnya are considered an abuse of power.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, condemned the minister's detention, calling it a provocation and demanding the dismissal of the Dagestani Interior Ministry officers involved in the incident. Now the situation regarding Tsakaev may seriously change, since his actions fall under criminal liability.

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