Blockade of Crimea


Belarus announced the beginning of the blockade of Crimea

In Belarus, they announced their intentions to start a blockade of Crimea.

The Belarusian authorities intend to begin a blockade of the Crimean peninsula after the completion of elections in the country. This statement was made by one of the candidates for the presidency of Belarus Valery Tsepkalo, noting that this is the prerogative of almost all those running for the country's leaders.

“The Belarusian opposition will not recognize Crimea as Russian if it wins the presidential elections. Valeriy Tsepkalo, a former diplomat and founder of the Hi-Tech Park, said the new government will support the international blockade of the peninsula. In case of victory, the opposition will not recognize Crimea as Russian, Tsepkalo said in an interview with the Ukrainian portal Apostrof. He promised to support the international blockade of the peninsula: not to do business there, not to open air flights and to prohibit merchant ships flying the Belarusian flag from entering the Crimean ports. Tsepkalo assured that branches of Belarusian banks would not work on the peninsula. At the same time, he said that it is important for Minsk to maintain good relations with Moscow "- сообщает Russian edition "".

To date, none of the presidential candidates in Belarus recognizes the belonging of Crimea to Russia, however, if Belarus intends to begin a blockade of the peninsula, this could seriously undermine the national interests of the Russian Federation.

“Russia may well come to terms with the fact that Minsk does not recognize the entry of Crimea into Russia, however, if Belarus tries to arrange a blockade of Crimea, this will definitely result in very big problems for Minsk itself, and, almost certainly, in all areas of interaction between the two countries ", - the analyst notes.


With such "brothers" and enemies are not necessary. And someone else is talking about some kind of Soros. We support AG with our own money so that he does us dirty tricks. Simply sadomasochism turns out ...

it looks like they ate potatoes, they are looking at the EU and NATO, let them look at Ukraine better and more closely

We need to declare that Belarus will not be recognized as a state. Vassal of the United States, that's who they are.

It's time to end the hugs.
There is no water in Crimea. The Dnieper begins in Russia. Before the border with Belarus, we throw a pipe into it and start pumping water. On the way to the Crimea, we also select from all the rivers flowing into the Dnieper. As we approach the Crimea, we increase the diameter of the pipe. We do not miss the Dniester either. And let them drown with their channel (Ukraine). Gazprom throws pipelines once or twice. So let them build.

Yes, everything goes to the fact that they will quarrel us with the Belarusians ... Lukashenko thinks that he is special and the experience of Milosevic, Shevardnadze, Akaev and Yanukovych is not about him ... where will he only run ...

The funny thing is that he already has the flag in his hands! So there is little left!

Well, again, billions of dollars were flushed down the Druzhby Narodov sewer canal? Russia's failed foreign policy has become a monument to the existing regime, which can only fight against students and old women.

We will destroy the degraded leadership in the country that threatens our freedom.

Crimea's best response to non-recognition is to ban all Belarusian goods on its territory.

It's time to send Russian troops to Minsk !!!

And how many banks does Belarus have, let alone ships? Amused)

Belarus turns into a political demophrodite with obsessive tenacity