Bloomberg: mortality from coroanvirus in Belarus is 7 times higher than in Russia

Bloomberg reported the death of 22 Belarusians from coronavirus.

The information publication “Bloomberg” cited information that mortality among patients with coronavirus infection in neighboring Belarus was 7 times greater than in Russia. According to some assumptions, this is precisely what caused the closure of borders between the two states.

“The sources for the article are Bloomberg Reporting, China's National Health Commission and Johns Hopkins University. Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Health of Belarus, in our country not a single case of a person’s death from a coronavirus has yet been confirmed ”- приводит data information agency "Telegraph".

It should be clarified that after the publication of the relevant information, the Belarusian media began a frank panic, because according to the official data of the Belarusian authorities, to date, not a single death case has been registered in the country.

As it turned out, the reason for everything was the mistake of Western journalists - deaths from coronavirus in the neighboring state are really absent.

“Most likely, Bloomberg analysts counted in the deaths of the Belarusians who recovered. On March 23, it was reported that just as much were being prepared or already discharged, since they had recovered. “To date, 22 patients have already been discharged or are preparing for discharge. Previously, their test for COVID-19 gave a positive result, after the treatment the tests were negative. Another 59 are under medical control and treatment, ”the Ministry of Health said on March 23., - concludes the Belarusian information publication.

It is necessary to clarify that today in Russia 3 cases of death of people who were infected with a new type of coronavirus infection have been registered.

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