British collector "accidentally" shoved artillery ammunition into the anus - they had to call the sappers

A British collector "accidentally" stuck an artillery ammunition from the Second World War into the anus - the help of sappers was required.

An incident occurred at the Royal Gloucestershire Hospital (UK), where a patient with a 57 mm was admitted. artillery ammunition in the anus. The victim turned out to be one of the collectors of military items, however, despite such an extraordinary situation, it turned out that it would not be possible to do without the help of doctors in this situation - a brigade of sappers had to be called to the hospital, as it turned out that the ammunition was combat and could well detonate.

It took medics and sappers several hours to extract the artillery ammunition stuck in the man's anus, which had a very impressive size. When the doctors asked how exactly the victim got this ammunition there, the collector said that he accidentally slipped and fell on him, which, however, caused quite a lot of mistrust in the man's story.

57 mm. The man's ammunition was successfully removed, advising the collector to abandon such experiments with antiquities in the future.

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