The Czech Republic announced the refusal to supply Ukraine with military equipment and weapons

The President of the Czech Republic officially announced a further refusal to supply Ukraine with weapons and equipment.

According to the information voiced by Czech President Petr Pavl, Prague is forced to refuse further arms supplies to Ukraine, at least in the near future. This is due to the fact that the Czech Republic has completely exhausted the stocks of military equipment that it could send to the territory of Ukraine.

Czech President Petr Pavel said that the Czech Republic could provide Ukraine with ammunition and air defense systems, but there is not enough manpower to produce them.

Previously, the Czech Republic had a fairly large stock of weapons, equipment and ammunition, however, it is obvious that in less than a year Prague completely exhausted such stocks, while the supply of weapons held by the Czech army poses a threat to the country's security. In this regard, in the near future, the Czech Republic will not supply Ukraine with either military equipment or ammunition.

It should be noted that earlier the Czech Republic handed over to Ukraine T-72 tanks, Vampire multiple launch rocket systems, several tens of thousands of 122-mm. missiles, armored combat vehicles and other weapons.


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