United Russia congratulated Russians on February 23 with a postcard with an American fighter, US warships and a British tank

The United Russia deputy "originally" congratulated the Russians on February 23 with a postcard with US Air Force planes and an American aircraft carrier.

The congratulations of the deputy from the United Russia party Alexei Weller on February 23 resulted in another scandal. Despite the good intentions of the Russian deputy, NATO tanks, as well as fighters and an aircraft carrier of the US Navy, appeared on the latter's electronic greeting card for some reason.

Users of the Facebook social network drew attention to a very strange congratulation that appeared on the page of a deputy from the United Russia party. Initially, attention was drawn to an unusual tank, however, upon further analysis of the e-card, it turned out that in addition to the strange tank, the picture also contains an American aircraft carrier and an F-14 fighter. All this instantly led to criticism of such congratulations and accusations against the Russian politician.

So far, there have been no official comments on this from Weller himself and the United Russia party, however, this is far from the only case when photographs of NATO equipment are used to create congratulatory materials, which, however, is also observed from the outside NATO.

There is nothing surprising in this. For whom he works, he congratulates. So think, Russians, about who has been leading us into the "bright" future for the third decade!

"... photographs of NATO equipment are used, which, incidentally, is also observed from the NATO side." Don't understand what NATO is doing wrong?

It is a pity that the next bearded "girls-designers", or rather liberal scoundrels, will not be punished again ...

what is the party and congratulations

It cannot be otherwise - with their assets and real estate in the United States ...

All of them have already been sold there together with privatization in the late 90s.

So this is now their army, they do not want to feed the Russian one.

It was a failure, thought Stirlitz

Sergey, you don't understand anything. This is trolling 100th level

What is the owner, so are the vassals :)

Everything is correct. You need to know the enemy by sight, so this is a memo card for both military personnel and those who have already served and in reserve. During our service in the ranks of the Soviet Army, we were shown photographs of military equipment of NATO countries and places vulnerable to defeat.

Well, this is United Russia, they are all citizens of NATO countries. Pension reform genacide of the Russian people.