The crew of the British destroyer was preparing to attack the Russian patrol ships

The British destroyer was ready to board Russian patrol ships.

British and Ukrainian troops on board the HMS Defender of the British Navy were preparing to attack Russian warships by boarding them. As it became known, the number of the crew aboard the British missile destroyer "HMS Defender" was further increased, while the crew was given military weapons, and he himself was put on full alert.

According to a number of reports, the provocation with the invasion of a British warship into Russian territorial waters was planned initially, while, apparently, the team of the British warship forced Russian patrol ships to approach it, and subsequently it was supposed to seize the Russian vessel.

Such conclusions appeared, apparently, after the photographs of the Ukrainian and British soldiers on board the destroyer with weapons in their hands, raised on alert, were published.

It should be noted that one of the options for the development of events was indeed the boarding of a British missile destroyer by the Russian military in order to prevent the latter from approaching the Russian coast.

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What are 200? )) Only 48 missiles!

The author of the article is absolutely not in you, and the article is a collection of rumors ...

Do they think that they would have so easily managed to board Russian ships? They have inspection groups, half of the attackers would have been carried out immediately.

you yourself then believe in this nonsense

I can hardly believe in your regret, and the difference that you did not notice is on the coastline of Crimea ...

What other "boarding", the author does not see the difference between "Pirates of the Caribbean" and modern military operations ... in general, everything is very sad - you need to understand the difference between a border patrol and a destroyer with almost 200 launchers on board ... Unfortunately "Defender "felt quite comfortable

are they not hot in balaclavas ?! And where would they drag our patrol? to Kiev or London?

Capturing someone else's ship is a casus belli.

The British Navy ship made a peaceful passage through the territorial waters of Ukraine in accordance with international law and was not subject to warning fire from Russia.

They wanted to board, but somehow they can't see the hooks in their hands in the photo. In general, some Arabs are sitting.