France will release a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier


France will release a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

France decided to declassify the data on its new aircraft carrier, which will be built in the future and presented a detailed construction program. The data were released by the French Ministry of Defense.

According to the announced information, the construction of a new generation aircraft carrier will be carried out at the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, in the western part of the country. They are going to use a large-block assembly.

The construction of the aircraft carrier is planned to be completed by 2036, after which it will be tested in Normandy. He should go to the troops in 2038, he will replace the only aircraft carrier in the French Navy, the Charles de Gaulle.

The displacement of the aircraft carrier will be 70 thousand tons, the crew - 1100 people and another 700 people from the air wing. The ship will receive electromagnetic catapults and a nuclear power plant.

The wing will not be based on American F-35C fighters, but on the deck version of the French Rafale-M fighter. In order to adapt the Rafale M to the American EMALS-type electromagnetic pulses, which will be equipped with an aircraft carrier, it is planned to undergo a number of tests on the territory of the United States by the carrier-based fighter.

Note that the French Rafale M fighters have already carried out takeoffs from American aircraft carriers. In 2018, the aircraft were based on the aircraft carrier George HW Bush (CVN-77), from where they made a number of sorties together with the American AWACS E-2C aircraft.

In the future, the new aircraft carrier will also be able to take on board new aircraft developed under the SCAF program (Système Aérien de Combat Futur - the combat aviation system of the future).

The French could not build the Miistral-trough, so where is the aircraft carrier?