Downed Malaysian aircraft


The General Staff of the Russian Federation presented information from its radar on the fact of the crash of Boeing 777

The General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed the information about the presence of two planes near the crashed Malaysian Boeing.

Recall, according to one of the considered versions, an airplane of the type Boeing 777 MH17 flight was shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force. Today, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation provided data indicating that at the time of loss of height by a Malaysian aircraft, two aircraft, presumably Su-25, began to gain altitude, and, as you know, this maneuver is actively used by military aircraft attack the target.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that bullet holes from 777 caliber millimeters shells used by these assault aircraft were found in the wreckage of the 20, however, given the fact that the Su-25 attack aircraft has an absolute ceiling of 7 thousands of meters, This version is not proven.