Valery Gerasimov


Gerasimov told about the preparation of the invasion of American troops in Russia

The head of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov told about the preparation of a military invasion by the United States.

A few hours ago, the head of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Valery Gerasimov, stated that the United States of America is indeed preparing a military invasion of Russia, which was recently announced in Washington. According to Gerasimov, for the implementation of such a plan is supposed to use the so-called. "Fifth column", which represents a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation.

Valery Gerasimov said that Russia is well aware of the strategy of “loosening” the situation in politically objectionable countries, but Russia has all the means to combat this, ranging from leverage to exert pressure, and ending with modern weapons, which are already appreciated in the West, stressing that it not only has no analogues, but it is impossible to protect oneself from it.

Earlier, the embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States published a response to a statement made in the United States that if sooner or later F-35 will be noticed over the territory of Russia, he will not be alone by posting a video that presents the moments with the destruction of Russian air defense systems, American military aircraft over Vietnam.

This Gerasimov got excited (or after "intoxicating")

I agree! stop playing democracy, risking the fate of the Fatherland!

And why are they then clustered near Kaliningrad? Did you get the iron? Are you fucking Andrei?

They go for our oil and blood. Vampires, damn it! Vampires!

Yeah, I believe in Russia, but if it could not cope with forest fires in Siberia. It seems to me that we will shade the country in the event of war. All the dust in the eyes that we have the most devastating weapons.

What kind of nonsense?
Why the hell would the States attack Russia?
What do they then do with 140 millions of loafers and drunks?

... a glass of vodka and a Ushanka hat

I think no one has any doubts that our technologies and weapons are capable of rebuffing any US ideas and any of their attempts to deploy the Trojan Horse towards the Russian Federation are doomed to failure. In his speech, Gerasimov openly stated that Russia knows about the plans of the Americans, is ready to oppose them and has specific mechanisms for this.

Russia is a mighty power, quite successful. Crimea took in Syria helps. Our military leadership is quite adequate, V. Gerasimov. fully aware of his words.

Our military leaders, smart people and nonsense will not say.

Our leaders do not speak nonsense, and simply do not leave their posts just like in the USA.

Gerasimov voiced the position that all heads of our security agencies adhere to. No one has ever been able and can not talk to Russia from a position of strength. I am sure that all participants of provocative activities against our state have long been under the supervision of relevant structures.

No, but what? Is Gerasimov not right? Indeed, the United States and its allies are quietly approaching our country. They crushed Ukraine, trying to Moldavia ... Actually, the West does not hide its insidious plans. See for yourself and appreciate the situation. And the general said it really is ...

It is necessary to understand one simple truth: we are not afraid of 5, and others, columns, but the readiness to betray those who sell their homeland now, having real estate and bills abroad. Their names are heard.

people need to pay more attention and squeeze bureaucratic thieves, then there will be no 5 and no 6 columns

And what's the joy of American missiles in Ukraine?

How not to spin the United States in an advantageous position. Ukraine will soon have US missiles. The population of the Russian Federation is decreasing every year, you only know how to steal the population from neighboring countries

I fully support you

Ibrahimku on money bred?

The most terrible nonsense is always committed with a serious expression of a face, if a person does not smile and does not have a sense of humor, he is simply mentally ill, so you can continue to argue that you have been thrown with money that you didn’t earn))

Your truth. But sometime long ago, Russia took everything French, but this did not prevent them from being kicked.

The fact of the matter is that she writes them to you, but you can’t get to the power, your time in 90 has passed

You will not, you immediately to the wall according to the laws of wartime ...

Well, here you are, the statistical error from the Navalno-Pornasovskogo electorate will be cleaned up and 145 million will remain.

Here and about you, Gerasimov mentioned the fifth column ... You would choose for yourself a flashlight, while there is time, with a view of the Kremlin.

I consider the 5 column as those who steal from their people, who launder stolen money for a hill, whose children live and study abroad, who have dual citizenship just in case, and who are engaged in embezzlement.

And why did you decide that they will feed?

Neither 500 billion dollars, but trillions of dollars.

In our country, the common people will never be allowed to live in prosperity, they will always keep an incentive to be ready ... for example, India, Africa. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE HUMAN, YOU SHOULD RIDE IN A SMALL STRONG. And here Russia is ahead !!!

Indirectly, they are ready for a strike by withdrawing from the INF Treaty.

Previously, everyone was afraid of the USSR, and now, Russia - no. Here are the Yankees and blackmail. They know that there will be no answer from Moscow. At the ruling elite of Russia with the States one of the values. ONE LANGUAGE: Yes! Wow! Rosa Khutor! Top model! Well, and how Putin and the Company will fight with the Yankees? How to fight in those who taught you the language (you were speechless, that is, like an animal, and now you speak humanly: fake, pranker! Columnist!). How to fight with those who brought you CULTURE (American films)? Brought you GOD (dollar)? There is no war, there must surrender!

And in 1941, Hitler was persecuted ...

Now is not 40 - 41, it is necessary to evaluate the reality and be ready. From pendos you can expect any nastiness.

Why should the Americans feed 146 of millions of fools? With such commanders, our enemies are not afraid

And your arguments are already observed that same 5-I column, or you have already become infected with this filth. You are already discrediting the Russian authorities from within. Whatever she was, but she is power.

And then having stolen their pockets with billions of gold and so on, they will force us to rob them ...

In the "Arguments of the Week" there is a statement by Tolboev, how he, having the appropriate pass, was not allowed to enter one of the territories, and through the crack of the fence he spied on how our and the Americans were loading some boxes. In my opinion, another proof of the fifth column. Tolboyev was indignant that, as it was, someone who had access to secrets in this industry was not allowed, but "they" could. Selling something again !?

Who is this "5th Column"? Who wants the return of socialism and the USSR. Probably the 5th column should include everyone who robbed and continues to plunder the country in advance with a permanent residence and real estate over the hill. Whatever the war, the people are ready in advance to lead the 5th column over the hill, so that it does not help the Americans to conquer Russia. After all, Stalin did so before the war, almost completely destroying the 5th column of traitors to the Motherland.

Larissa, I agree with you! You read and think - how many "shell-shocked tankers" (ie people without a tower) do we have? People have nothing else to do but talk nonsense! And an especially enjoyable experience is pouring a chamber pot over your head.

As our elite is afraid of the United States and its attacks, as much as fear, sends all its children to the west and to the United States to study ....
Who and why will attack us? we are driving all the raw materials to the west ...

In Yugoslavia, too, did not plan.

And do not you think, dear Russians, that we are bred? There is no military threat at all, at least because the families of the leaders of our country live well and multiply in the countries of the NATO bloc.

It's nice that in Russia there are such sensible people like you.

You are absolutely right!!!

That's it! Try to figure out now what is the point of attacking them, if America writes us recommendations on the management of our country

This is what? Then explain to Gerasimov why the budget spent on the yachts of our Pu-billionaires is higher than we spend on fleet renewal? To whom is this article ...

Idiots, how can you speak negatively about your country. Russia must be self-sufficient, strong and most powerful! And the fifth column is time to write in the twentieth and erase forever. Minsk

It was McNamara, not McArthur. MacArthur died in 1964.

Let them invade Moscow and let Russia not touch ...

Well, fool !!!! What a pity ... what a stupid ghouls have gathered here! WITH SUCH AND WAR IT IS NOT NECESSARY ... THE FIRST DROP TO LICK THE BOOTS OF AMERAS (((((((((((((

Both Gerasimov and many others will talk about the threat of war all to ensure that the people "lack" an alternative in the election of the head of state

in my opinion, in 1949, the American general MAKARTUR jumped from the 8th floor shouting, "the Russians are coming." GERASIMOV hasn't jumped out yet?

So they piss on the thighs that the Slavs will rise sooner or later, knowing the whole truth and will demand retribution for all the evil committed on earth for a long time

Vladimir, do not give out the words of one Russian orientalist for your own, for you are not one. Plagiarism, my dear, is a thankless task.

In my opinion, in 1949, American General MAKARTUR, shouting "the Russians are coming," jumped out of his office window from the 8th floor. GERASIMOV hasn't jumped out yet?

Even the enemy of Russia understands this: “I don’t see a single case in which Russia could resort to its nuclear weapons as long as there are 500 billion dollars in American banks belonging to the Russian elite. You still have to figure out whose elite is yours or ours. ...
Zbignev Brzezinski.

Why do Americans need it?

On the fifth column of nuclear weapons, and the servants of the people with their offspring on the Cote d'Azur will watch the news on enemy channels.
PS And everyone knows what the fifth column is and why the fifth?

For Stalin

In Yugoslavia, too, did not plan.

For Stalin!

90% in this post, either 5 column, or paid agents of the State Department. To the wall.

As Othello once asked, "Did you urinate at night, Desdemona?" Are all the psychiatric hospitals filled with Napoleons and there is no room for generals?

Well, what nonsense is simple ... The Americans never planned this and will not plan, all these fairy tales were invented by our rulers to siphon money from the budget, supposedly for the defense industry, and they themselves "bother" in their pockets.
Corruption destroys this country ...

But for some reason he keeps quiet that the NATO base is being built in Zhukovsky near Moscow? There is an interview with Tolboev about it.

Is not Russia a colony of the United States despite the fact that the United States wrote the constitution and controls the activities of all ministries and departments? They already own everything or almost everything. And what does the citizen from the General Staff really want to say? What is all owned by the state and the US wants to take it away Even if Sberbank already consider American ....

Comments - like a bunch of fools, not men ...

No one will stop if America strikes the blow of retaliation because the children of these generals, ministers, oligarchs and other false patriots live there and their real estate grandmothers are there too, so don’t worry, they will quietly surrender the country, and the Americans can again leave them in good positions at positions.

And that sonny you seriously think that people paid for by amers will come and start working for the good of the people? Even Karl Marx wrote in his work "Any (I emphasize any) state is a machine for the exploitation of man. And be calm, normal capitalists amers, they will not do anything in their own interests. And the fact that the resources do not belong to the people, yes, it's a shame. But if will come the protégés of amers that they will become the people? Something during Yeltsin's time was even worse than now, although he was the soul and body of an "American Democrat." and the amers ruled here as in Washington.

Russia has nothing to do with it. This year the repartition will begin on the establishment of a new world order and a new currency world. Who is the initiator: China and the United States. How to move quickly? Only through the war of a new hybrid type. The United States sets aflame again on Afghanistan, the former Soviet republics will ask for help from the PRC (SCO). China will provide order and open a new economic path to the EU through Central Asia. Against this background, Russia will change its leadership. Russia must turn from ambush ...

Of course, Gerasimov is doing a distracting maneuver. The war will be and it will start in Central Asia. Near 70 gangs from the territory of Afghanistan are ready to ignite Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The new world order and new monetary world are possible only through the war ... I think that the General Staff understands this.

solid poison from your illiterate mouth

I wonder why they attack us? We already give everything, and we pay denyushki regularly, for what is not clear? And the fifth column, so it is in the Kremlin and stop showing horror stories that have no analogues.

did you learn the history or do you want to repeat it?

The Poseidons with the Petrels will stop them forever!

So why is he crap?) Are there arguments? ... These are the cattle, "cardboard patriots", and allow ghouls from the highest shelf of your cattle hierarchy to get into power! What can you do? Just spank your lips while sitting with a beer at the TV and yell " I'm a patriot!"))

They have become completely mad at the General Staff. Soon they will start to be afraid of themselves). This general was left only from the fear of throwing himself out the window with a shout "The Americans are coming !!))

People say: "Appetite comes with eating." This is reminiscent of the US aggression. So, recently they almost "ate" Syria, then "grind" Ukraine with the Maidan, they will not "swallow" North Korea. Now they decided to "devour" Venezuelan President Maduro. Who will stop this insatiable US?

Transformation of the imperialist war into a civil one. Now I understand the Bolsheviks. I used to think, well, how can you in my right mind want to lose my army?

Russia's resources do not belong to Russian citizens, but to a handful of Aligarhs, so who are you going to defend?

Definitely! Already got bastards!

enough already to pump up why they need it and so all our resources belong to them all sold off

Oh how scary, oh. But we will still come out and we will sweep away this power. We have nothing to frighten external enemies. We know where our bastards are, in the government. Interest shift will not work. Themselves invented a threat, and scare yourself, dropouts.
I know how you call people on the sidelines, and they feed you with cattle. You yourself do not know how ...

Yes Yes. Let's tighten the belts even tighter - there is a good reason for the excuse.

And alien invasions are not expected ?! And such inadequate rule the country ..

Russia is in our rental so shame

Russian is not all white red attacks who do not be yes rob a Jew like a fish

Yes, Americans have long been dreaming of leading troops in Russia. Earlier, at the beginning of Maidan in Ukraine, American military units and tank units that were ready to surface at the direction of the NATO generals were under ground (I saw it with my own eyes), but they didn’t have something and they thought better of it. Now they can no longer tolerate and are ready to start a thoughtful one. My wish for our generals to be vigilant is that they have detractors in the leadership somewhere who are ready to make a deal with the Americans. With respect, Nikolai Grigorievich to whom the Supreme Power is given by the Supreme Galactic Light with the control function Chief.

This will be the last thing they do. Nothing their history teaches.

As soon as the people began to rally, they immediately start scaring the war.

Misha, you're right!

You are absolutely right, Joseph!

Joseph, you yourself bastard! Probably the representative of the fifth column. You are not worth Valery Gerasimov's little finger! Such statements as yours are shaking our country. What can you do? Only lips slap.

Is he a current from the pentagon ??

Well done, straight to the point

We have a government on 95% Jewish. Here and understand.

Misha Molodets. All these conversations, to distract the population of our country from the existing problems. And so that the Jews continue to rob our country.


What kind of "they said" - Russia, for a long time not Russia, but Rashka, which has become an international colony of the world, and all these proteges to the floor. beau monde, nothing more than a satrapnya.

For my house and my family I will stand by myself, but first I will get even with my home "counter"!

The stump has already taken away the future of our children: it invites young people to create jobs for themselves, and even pay taxes. Or do you hope that your children will certainly become "successful"? If it doesn't get worse under amers, then there's nothing to fight for.

And why should they war, did not the United States surrendered Russia back in 90 years. The interim government is working and has become permanent. They changed everything ... and education, making the children ignorant in the likeness of American and business, all pressed into the management of the global government, and now the small business is being destroyed ... the country completely loses its hack ... now they will introduce chips, and loss the cash money the Russian will lose to the cathedral ... everyone under the hood and observation from the satellites of each ... and those who disagree with FEMA are leger. and then the antichrist will open, whom they are waiting to unite all nations and call themselves God ... and make them worship all ..

Mood .. to you Joseph! Where are you going with your liberal delirium from your circumcised trash heap? Your "burner" hasn't fledged yet.))) And about the burnout ... I hope justice will prevail and the Arabs will outweigh you when the Americans weaken and deprive you of support.)))

that's all right

Has anyone heard this statement from the chief of staff, seen this speech? After all, all responses are based only on the text of this article, as I understand it.

We are everywhere ... Jews are the same Russians.

Who are you and who are going to burn?

Comrade Stalin removed the fifth column before the war, and did not look back to the west, and now we have entire programs of the enemy on the radio, on television, are openly anti-Russian programs. Conversations here will not help, and then we, and Vaska listens and eats. Do not speak Russia.

Well, they can be understood, they want to rule the sir! ...

Fool you, Gerasimov! You yourself, intentionally shaking the situation with such statements. You do this intentionally, in order to justify all sorts of extortion from the population on all sorts of payments, whether for capital repairs, whether for garbage and so on. You gaddyyshy need to burn with a hot iron! All of you, led by Putin!

What do you want?
We must get our hands on the resources located on the territory of Russia, which constitute one fifth of all the Earth’s resources of a state with a population of millions of people 140.
The remaining 80 percent comes to 7,5 BILLION people, that is, 20 percent to 2 billion is.
How can this be allowed?

Hello !!! - Michael, in addition to the fifth column, their Jews throughout Mother Russia are completely easier to close them for life and let them benefit the Russian people, at the same time all the English, and force the same Americans to work for RUSSIA-Americans and the British already Centuries of 16 do dirty tricks and let them plow on RUSSIA-years like 500 and how many centuries the genocide of RUSSIAN lasts — like a nation, this is what you need to do with them, and if they don’t agree, they will be erased.

As you can see, you are one of those who are "the fifth column".

No people have ever asked Alex the people from any side. As Napoleon still said, you don’t want to feed your army you will feed someone else's Amerikasos!

I agree with you! About non-combat losses, how to ruin our medicine (hospitals, hospitals), and their role is no less than weapons!

Well, why should I carry the complete nonsense. It is worth the beginning of the general staff.

That's right! Only this will never be. Alas.

Read the duties of the President of the Russian Federation and other leaders of the Russian Federation. Then you will find out who is responsible for what in the Russian Federation.

Hang anti-Semites and Russian Nazis necessary. Then no one goes anywhere!

Question to Gerasimov: - Whom to protect; Putin with his Kahal robbing our homeland? Or can the general staff first develop a plan to eliminate them, and only then a defense plan?

These amerikosov navel will not untie.

We know the history of how all this riff-raffs are amerikosovskaya, arranges revolutions all over the world, and, under a good view, enters the troops there !!!

So the general says correctly !! You need to beat the Pindos !!!

Agree to 100%.

Yes, Russia and so it goes without the help of the Americans to collapse. People are already lying to the levels of government, all sorts of provocative statements. Feel people rises against the authorities here begin to scatter pugalkami. It is clear from where everything goes, who constantly brandishes a nuclear club and wants to heaven.


The interview is primitive and custom-made - from the opera "What to say if there is nothing to talk about" ... Really, such officials have nothing to do more than chewing on fake squabbles? ...

not only to distract people, but Ipoyasa pulled up need money to reflect aggression and inhaled

we will not be for anyone, but we will unleash a war and we will find those responsible in our country.

in 90, for some reason, it never occurred to anyone to attack, and now when the army has become efficient in the opinion of the military can. This is voiced in order to get more dough. There should be a justification for such spending on armaments.

In any country there are plans for various military operations. Surely in our General Staff there are options for a war with the United States, etc. There is nothing surprising in this. But the acting general makes statements only on the orders of the command, or he becomes a sergeant in the construction battalion.

The "fifth column" is children in comparison with the number of those who strongly disagree with the social policy of the President, and even more so the Premier. Inequality is off the charts!
I am certainly happy for the Army - "Army and Fleet" are friends of Russia. It was in the 19th century, in the 21st century it sounds differently: "Army and Navy + Financial sphere"
We have a reduction in population FROM SKYLOSS!
Where is the Army looking?

This general nonsense is borne by this general, the people are buzzing and they have created a theme so that they would not blather, I would never attack anyone with a nuclear weapon, even if this country has rusty and old missiles,

No, the fifth column is you, well, like you. So you can not work in risky occupations, as well as go to the intelligence. Name you alarmists and provocateurs

Since the beginning of the last century, the aglo-Saxons look unevenly at Russia and have not stopped thinking about how to conquer it for a single day. Therefore, the revelations of Gerasimov do not reveal any secret. And we are preparing for this all the time, why hide something here. Only now it’s time not to make excuses and get ready for defense, but to crush them all! Anglo-Saxons ... Zadolbali ... Maybe we should start with the UK, from there 80% of the world's evil gets out!

And the "fifth column", apparently - all who disagree with what the "genius" Putin is doing?
I do not like corruption - the fifth column!
Do not like the price increase - the fifth column!
I do not like raising the retirement age - the fifth column!

If Russia gets rid of the 5 of the Jewish column, it will be easier for all of us to live!

Under the NATO tank I, shouting: Long live the GDP, I will leave our mayor!

If the exceptional DPRK bzduknuli, and in Russia? This is something interesting is obtained. Even Gerasimov komentiruyut.Voobsche something incomprehensible. What is preparing for war? YOU have gentlemen, they don’t tear the roof off, why should I pay attention to the babbling of the baby. If Life is tired of THAT EVERYTHING.

People, what do you believe in this nonsense? This is an ordinary fake. When and where did the general say that? Usually the media writes where it happens and under what circumstances these statements.

Well, they go to us for gas and oil and do not need to erase them from the face of the earth unless our rulers will be the backside lysate

no one goes anywhere all this so that the people are not indignant inside

Yes, the people of Russia to fight for what they have all taken away even in the forest for mushrooms, and then for money! Let the officials and oligarchs fight yes our president !!! After all, only they live in Russia !!!

Listen, utyrka, it is not the generals who win the wars in Russia, but the Russian soldier, the Americans and the NATO people boast about their abrams and leopards, but even if they get "mice" from the Hitlerite army, they will still go beyond the first ditch in Russia. Here on the internet there were published videos of the "brave" landing from the ships, when they "grimaced" to the very least in the sand like "shit". Yes. brave warriors. The other day I saw on the internet that our simple hard workers get up in the tundra and in the taiga on an old technique, it is beyond my comprehension. And with the equipment of the 50-60s of the last century, they will stick into Russia, it's easier to shoot themselves right away.

Here are just a comment that most of the enchanting ...
then I will be for my children, everything else does not concern, and officials mean they should think about me, but you, I also think about my children, and you know why, yes, because they and you are the same people

Did the government read you tales in childhood? Freak man.

For the Motherland! For Putin!

The USA is mortally ill. This disease is a malignant narcissism. Treatment is a shock therapy, like electric shock.

They want to substitute the 5 column under our fair blow in order to howl and start aggression.

Yes, and the fifth column is to blame and not for the Americans and the geo-Europeans in Roisya's troubles, namely, such utyrki, like this is the general and his boss!))

I understand that after these words, do you personally heroically rush in the front rows with a grenade under a NATO tank ?!



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