Germany to send 187 more Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine

Germany will send at least 187 more Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine.

Despite the fact that Germany has already announced the shipment of 102 Leopard 1 and Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine, according to Business Insider, Ukraine will receive another 187 Leopard 1 tanks from Germany. This makes Germany one of the largest suppliers of tanks for the needs of Ukraine, although the latter is inferior to Poland.

“Rheinmetall and Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft have received approval to supply Ukraine with 187 Leopard 1 main battle tanks. The federal government has decided that the numbers should be made public on Tuesday. But many of the tanks are in poor condition and need to be repaired first. On closer inspection, the significance of the export license for the course of the conflict is still small., - reports the publication "Business Insider".

It is assumed that some of the tanks may become donors for repairs in case of damage to combat units, since the restoration of some combat vehicles may be seriously delayed and will require additional funding.

At the same time, it is expected that the delivery of additional tanks will become possible only in the middle of the year, however, this also means that Ukraine in 2023 will already receive at least 600 tanks, which will be based on Western-style tanks.


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