NATO Belarus


Head of NATO: Belarus has always been the main ally of the North Atlantic Alliance

The NATO Secretary General called Belarus the main partner of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Contrary to the fact that significant forces of the North Atlantic Alliance are located just a few tens of kilometers from the borders of Belarus, NATO head Jens Stoltenberg called Belarus the main NATO partner for the past 25 years.

“Our relationship is based on a common interest and an open dialogue. We work with Belarus, for example, on transparency and risk reduction. We do not see any threat against any ally. We welcome the partnership and work that we are doing with Belarus. ”- said Stoltenberg.

Among other things, the NATO Secretary General emphasized that Belarus has been NATO's main partner since the 1995 of the year, obviously drawing attention to the fact that there is no aggressive dialogue between Belarus and NATO as such.

It should be clarified that in spite of the deployment of a significant number of NATO troops at the borders with Belarus, the latter refused to give Russia the right to deploy military bases and facilities on its territory, obviously demonstrating the preservation of sovereignty.