T-90 Tank


India lost at least 18 T-90 tanks on the border with China in a few days

It became known about the first major losses of India due to the conflict with China.

Russian T-90 tanks, which are in service with India, were completely useless as a result of the military conflict with China - at the moment, about the loss of 18 military vehicles is known - the latter did not even have time to enter the battle.

As it turned out, the weakness of the T-90 tanks, unlike the “seventy-second,” which India has no problems with, is the presence of electronics. The latter became a stumbling block - due to heavy rains, the electronic components installed on the T-90 tanks became unusable and the military vehicles had to be evacuated as unsuitable for further participation in military operations. Chinese sources report that in reality, the loss of T-90 tanks, which India intended to throw into battle, is much more severe - up to 32 tanks could be disabled due to flooding

“According to foreign media reports, recent heavy rains in the Gallevan Valley caused flash floods, while water levels rose and Indian soldiers in the interior of the valley became victims of the flood. The soldiers were able to easily evacuate, but some heavy weapons, such as tanks, could not be quickly transported. In the end, as follows from the information, there were T-90 tanks that were damaged before they were thrown into battle. The reason for this is that after the flood, electronic components, wiring, and the like cease to be safe and reliable. This is not without electronic equipment. It can be called a heavy loss. ”- приводит information publication "Sohu".

It should be clarified that in this controversial region it did rain heavily and floods began, however, the Indian side does not officially comment on the loss of its tanks, even despite the statements of local media.