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F-35 fighter crashed while trying to catch up with Russian Su-30 fighter?

An F-35 fighter crashed while trying to intercept a Russian Su-30 fighter.

An attempt by an F-35 fighter pilot to catch up with the Russian Su-30 fighter ended with the crash of a fifth-generation combat aircraft between the coasts of Cyprus and Egypt. Such conclusions were made by experts after the head of the British Ministry of Defense unexpectedly announced the attempts of British fighters to interfere with the development of attacks by Russian aircraft on the carrier strike group of the British Navy, led by the aircraft carrier "HMS Queen Elizabeth".

According to Sohu journalists, the British F-35 fighter was most likely trying to catch up with a Russian combat aircraft that took off from the Khmeimim airbase to control the situation in the region or to practice a strike on an aircraft carrier strike group. However, during the flight, probably due to a mistake made by the aircraft carrier's crew or fighter pilot, a technical malfunction arose and the plane crashed in the Mediterranean Sea south of Cyprus.

“The British pilot tried to intercept the Russian Sukhoi Su-30, but for some reason, the car suddenly lost control and crashed into the sea. Defense Minister Wallace himself indirectly confirmed these data, stating that a total of 30 attempts were made to intercept Russian aircraft when NATO ships returned from the Pacific Ocean to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. Obviously, this is a shame for London. "- it is said in the translation of the article of the publication "Sohu".

The lack of official comments on this from London is primarily due to the fact that if the information becomes public, then the futility of the British F-35 fighters could cause unrest in the society, since this means that the newest British fighters are corny unsuitable for fighting.

It should be noted that the Russian side does not comment on Ben Wallace's statement about provocative flights of Russian Aerospace Forces fighters.

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From what considerations did you come to this conclusion?

If the 35th "caught up" - then we can recall the information that somehow slipped through that the 35th was FORBIDDEN to fly supersonic.
because once it turned out that if the 35th flies in supersonic for more than 5 minutes, its tail starts to come off! 88)))

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I totally agree. They turned on the Khibiny and the F 35 lost control.

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"This is some kind of shame! ..." Shame for the UK is its cabinet, led by an IPA patient. About Wallace - a separate conversation: a former ski instructor in the Austrian Alps, who studied the military academy in Sandhurst for 40 weeks (!) - why not the Minister of Defense? Well, then, as they say, "along the party line" ... Before him, the same was Gavin Wimlyanson (known in wide circles as "bastard Gavin"), who declared: "Russia must shut up and move away," become a minister yourself. Between Wimlanson and Wallace for a couple of months, there was still some aunt, but she doesn't count.

Struck by electronic warfare agents?