MiG-31 emergency landing near Krasnoyarsk

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory emergency landing military MiG-31.

As it became known information resource Avia.pro from official data sources, in the course of the training flight in the aircraft load sensor, a push on the refusal of the left aircraft engine. Before the direct landing of military aircraft MiG-31, the pilot worked out all the available fuel in the tanks, and then was able to successfully make a landing at the airport of Krasnoyarsk.

It is noted that as a result of the incident none of the people did not suffer, however, remains unknown whether military aircraft powerplant is really out of order, or the blame was false positives.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that a little more than a month ago a similar incident occurred with another military aircraft that crashed in approximately the same area, however, as it became known, then the situation was caused by the failure of the control system.