The Su-57 Russian Aerospace Forces fighter is being upgraded to the level of a 5+ generation fighter

The Russian Su-57 fighter will be upgraded to the 5+ generation.

Against the background of information that the Russian Su-57 fighter will be able to use 10 drones for reconnaissance, electronic suppression and strikes against enemy forces, it became known that the modernization of the Russian combat aircraft would allow it to be ranked as a generation 5+ fighter.

Experts note that today, according to the accepted characteristics of the sixth generation fighters, the aircraft should be able to be piloted with or without a human presence, and although today there is no unmanned version of the Su-57 fighter, the fact that a combat aircraft can using drones, which, most likely, will be controlled by artificial intelligence systems, will make it possible to upgrade the class of the fighter to the level of generation 5+, or even to generation 5 ++.

As for information about the use of drones by the Russian Su-57 fighter, today it is known that a combat aircraft will be able to simultaneously use up to 10 drones, and, at the moment, work is already underway related to testing these drones under the control of fighter systems, however, Russian designers will probably be able to implement their plans no earlier than 2024-2025.

Today, the fifth generation Su-57 fighter is considered the most high-tech combat aircraft, and although the serial production of this fighter is experiencing some difficulties, its prospects remain at the highest level.