Fighter Aerospace Forces of Russia MiG-31 crashed - the crew is alive

MiG-31 fighter jet crashed in Russia.

A few hours ago, a Russian supersonic MiG-31 fighter crashed while in flight. It is known that the MiG-31 supersonic fighter-interceptor carried out a duty flight, however, other details on this subject have not yet been announced. Information about the crash of the fighter was voiced by the popular Russian blogger Fighterbomber.

The fate of the crew of the MiG-31 supersonic fighter remains unknown, but according to unofficial data, no casualties were reported, while the fighter itself did not receive any serious damage.

The circumstances of the incident are currently under investigation. According to preliminary data, the fault was a technical malfunction, the nature of which is currently being established by specialists.

It should be noted that this is the second incident with Russian military aircraft in a day. In particular, the night before, a Mi-8 helicopter crashed, killing one of the crew members, while two more were seriously injured.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet confirmed the fact of the crash of the MiG-31 fighter, and therefore there are no comments regarding this emergency.

Maybe the NATO EW system worked? It may well be. Not only Russia has such means. How Russia uses such systems is so full of joyful headlines. And in this case, the media of the Russian Federation took water in their mouths ..

Quote: "... MiG-31 crashed during the flight ... the fighter itself did not receive any serious damage." Commentary: Taki until April 1, how many more!

Your information is slightly outdated. According to PRAPI-2000 No. 1329 of December 2.12.1999, XNUMX. An aviation event is divided into: - aviation accidents;
- aviation incidents;
- emergency and ground incidents.
The term "prerequisite for a flight accident" has been abolished. Well, as you write, each item has its own categories. And yes, I confirm that the term "crash" was not and is not in aviation terminology. Sincerely, B.V.

Does the author understand the meaning of the word "wreck"?

Accidents, failures and catastrophes will be periodically repeated until instead of the classical physics of technospheres in an equilibrium state for reversible processes with exact sets, developers and researchers will not move to the system physics of noospheres with inexact sets

Solar is over!

no one else but here already ;-)

Mig -31 is not a girl to please. But the technical fatigue of the structure and engine wear speak for themselves. And much more convincing than the drooling lovers of "Daggers"

Strange, no other news agency has such information anymore

And this is no longer applicable. Look at the federal aviation rules of the Federal Air Transport Agency, "Experd"

There was no crash. The plane skidded off the runway.

and there are no prerequisites for a long time there is an incident

It’s interesting why you NEVER liked the MiG-31. Just don’t write that they are already very old, etc. since you wrote that you NEVER liked the 31st, which means even when they were not old at all. So they NEVER liked it.

To all writing bloggers and "experts" about aviation, remember - the word "crash" is not used in aviation terminology.
There is only :
- a prerequisite for a flight accident,
- flight accident
- crash,
- disaster.
Each item has its own criteria. And you need to know them in order to write on this topic.

In the Novgorod region, the MiG-31 rolled out of the runway



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