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Italy forbade lifting sanctions against Russia in the context of coronavirus

Italy opposed the lifting of sanctions against Russia in the context of the coronavirus.

Despite the free help from Russia, Italian politicians strongly opposed the lifting of sanctions against Russia under conditions of coronavirus infection, despite the daily worsening situation in the country with the spread of infection.

It is known that a group of European Deputies has already sent the relevant requirements of the European Commission, urging not to lift sanctions from Russia, regardless of the development of the situation. Among the signatories, according to sources, there are Italian diplomats.

The official representative of the European Commission, in turn, noted that in reality, there is no talk of lifting sanctions against Russia yet - according to Peter Stano, sanctions do not undermine Russia's ability to fight COVID-19.

“The European Commission spokesman Peter Stano, commenting on the demands of the deputies, the EU leadership does not see problems in maintaining sanctions against Russia, as they“ do not undermine the ability of the Russian Federation to fight the coronavirus ”- сообщает "".

What exactly is the reason for such behavior on the part of both Italian deputies and deputies of other EU countries is unknown, however, obviously, without Russian help in Italy they could not even come close to defeating the infection.

“Italy once again demonstrates its gratitude to Russia. Before that, we were "thanked" by sending a warship to the borders of Crimea, later by sending American reconnaissance aircraft, and now we are "thanked" with sanctions against the backdrop of a massive pandemic. ", - the expert marks.

Russia or rather the policy of the Russian Federation in ecstasy from the lack of respect of Italians. It would not be interesting to our politicians if the sanctions were lifted.

editorial staff Ukrainians only personal no one's business

We urgently need to withdraw all our help home !!! We need it ourselves !!!
And let the EU help them !!!

Now, if all the "humanitarian aid" were sent to our country, to help our people live humanly, then there would be no need for the lessons of patriotic education! After all, everyone wants to live where it is better! And sending half a billion rubles to help Russians abroad only irritates our citizens. Do our old people in the province live richer than those Russians abroad?!?

Again, 100500 times failed.
We must also equip 30 aircraft full of medicines and products to equip ... Suddenly, again it doesn’t work out ....

Dear editors, I don’t understand why you incite hatred in your libelous articles. If this is not a fake, then indicate the names of the deputies! Provide links? Otherwise, you become a yellow newsletter at the level of Media2, or even Media3!