Saratov Airport


Because of the poor health of the passenger, in Saratov, an emergency aircraft sat down

Airplane airline "Saratov airlines" returned to the departure airport due to poor condition of one of the passengers.

Unplanned return passenger aircraft in Saratov airport happened over 15 minutes after departure (6 30 hours, minutes), thus, came to the rescue on the runway, doctors have the passenger all the necessary emergency aid, and yet the man was hospitalized in a medical institution in the city of Saratov.

According to preliminary data, the deterioration of the passenger’s well-being was associated with sharply increased blood pressure, and therefore there was a serious danger to his health and life in general.

Flight delay was just over an hour - about 7 30 hours local time, a passenger airliner carrier "Saratov airlines" flew in the direction of Moscow.


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