Complex C-400


Due to the Russian S-400, a new military conflict may begin

The latest Russian weapons can sow a wave of chaos on the planet.

On the eve of the day it became known that Saudi Arabia had declared its readiness to start a military conflict with Qatar if this country decides to adopt the latest Russian anti-aircraft missile systems C-400. What exactly is conditioned, especially if one takes into account the fact that the C-400 air defense systems belong to defensive weapons, so far it remains unknown.

Earlier this year, Qatar announced its readiness to conclude a contract with Russia for the purchase of several S-400 air defense systems battalions, which are intended to be used to protect the country's airspace. All this caused a lot of discussions, while the Saudi authorities called on French President Emmanuel Macron to exert maximum pressure on Qatar in order to prevent the purchase of Russian weapons.

"Great unrest among the countries of the North Atlantic alliance and the US allies, once again point to the fact that Russian air defense systems of C-400 are highly effective, whatever the experts say. On the other hand, it is important to understand that open threats from Saudi Arabia by military intervention in the affairs of a sovereign state are a direct violation of all existing norms, rights and freedoms, especially if one takes into account the fact that air defense systems belong to the class of defensive weapons ", - said the expert

Moreover, Saudi Arabia has also expressed a desire to acquire Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, that is, the main US partner is ready to buy Russian weapons despite Washington's objections.

"Why can Saudi Arabia buy Russian S-400 complexes, and Qatar does not? All this does not make any sense ", - the expert concluded.

A few days before, the resource reported that military analysts from the PRC questioned the effectiveness of Russian SAM systems S-400

So we just use the inertial guidance system. Her do not care for any impact.

Buoyut Saudis, someone that buy is already dictated. There was another Middle East Pinodosia. As if it's not enough for us alone on the planet of a fool.

In the event of a global conflict with the use of nuclear weapons, no air defense, as I believe, is able to restrain the thermonuclear sides, the concentration of the latest air defense systems can only temporarily protect a certain area, and even then all the ejektronics will be paralyzed even if an intercepted rocket explodes in the air! In this case, it is better to design missiles with a mechanical reading of the distance to the intended target, independent of external influences, that is, something like a projectile fired from a cannon at a given target! And these air defenses, they are reliable in local conflicts and the non-use of nuclear weapons, so that they can be sold for "expensive" apparently to anyone, even the United States!

So the Raghoulians shared with the Pindos Russian tank defense, who knows after buying the py .. the Saudis of the S-400 complexes, like they will not be with the Americans, or they will create an airplane or a missile capable of overcoming the C-400, the skins are still those, they can not sell anything, and here to sell to Macaroni and then to refuse the transaction as with Menstruments, it is possible)

And what about Makaron the diplomat ?, Three words can not connect, beaky Casanova)