Novokuznetsk Airport


Due to flight delays, 250 passengers stuck in Novokuznetsk Airport

At the airport in Novokuznetsk on 9 hours delayed execution of the flight to Cam Ranh.

The charter flight was due to fly from Novokuznetsk to Cam Ranh tonight, but due to a technical malfunction detected by the aircraft carrier was forced to postpone the flight to 9 hours - according to the latest available to the portal data, the plane will take off on the planned route in 11 hours.

Sami passengers reported that the original airline postponed the implementation of the flight one hour, after which it was announced that the flight will take place in 5 hours of the morning, and only after some time, representatives of the airline explained its customers that due to a technical failure, the flight will take place only after 9 hours.


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