Israel attacks key air defense system of Iranian nuclear facility

The American television channel ABC News, citing an anonymous source in the US administration, reports on a recent IDF operation directed against an air defense system facility associated with Iran’s nuclear program. According to this source, Israeli aircraft attacked radar equipment located near Isfahan. The operation was carried out without violating Iranian airspace: IDF aircraft launched missiles over Iraqi territory and immediately turned around to return.

The purpose of this operation, according to an anonymous official, was to demonstrate to Iran the capabilities of the Israeli Armed Forces, while trying not to aggravate tensions in the region.

Saudi TV channel Al Hadath confirmed this information, adding that three F-35 fighter jets took part in the attack. It is noted that the missile strike was carried out on an air defense element protecting the nuclear facility in Natanz.

In addition, photographs of rocket debris were discovered and published on Iraqi social networks. There have been speculations on the Internet that these could be Israeli air-to-ground munitions, such as Anchor Kahol (Blue Sparrow) or Popeye, used to simulate ballistic missiles during training launches.


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