The launch of missiles


Israel: Iran guided ballistic missiles on Russian satellites

Israel stated that Russia helped Iran destroy the US military airbase in Iraq.

The Israeli information publication Debka reports that according to sources in the Russian defense department, Iran used Russian space technology to strike at an American military air base in neighboring Iraq.

“Russian military sources said that it was Russia that provided Iran with the means to destroy high-precision missiles in an Iranian missile attack on two Iraqi US air bases on January 8. Russian sources claim to have provided the Iranians with their global navigation network, Glonass, which is the Russian equivalent of the US GPS system. The use of this system, according to Russian sources, allowed Iranian missiles to hit targets with an accuracy of 10 meters, especially at the Ein Assad base in western Iraq. According to Russian sources, 19 missiles were fired from Iran, 17 of which hit the target. "- сообщает "Debka".

Specialists, by the way, doubted the reliability of the arguments of Israeli journalists referring to certain sources in the Russian defense department, however, they admitted that Iran could indeed use the GLONASS system to direct its ballistic missiles, which may be due to US control of the GPS system.

Brakes from Tel Aviv can not imagine that the Shiites have built their small GPS in all of Iraq and Syria to aim high-precision weapons.
For this, a lot of effort and money is not necessary. He placed equipment in the region, tying its reference points to fixed coordinates and the thing is in the hat.
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Israel must draw conclusions regarding its territory. Otherwise, they will play out with their provocations against the T4 air base.

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