Israel intends to conduct an unprecedented military operation after a terrorist attack in Jerusalem

Israel is ready to conduct a large-scale military operation in Palestine after the terrorist attack near the synagogue.

The terrorist act, which, according to preliminary data, killed 7 people and injured 10 more, will be the reason for a large-scale military operation in Palestine with the involvement of the Israeli army. Initially, the IDF intended to carry out a special operation against Palestinian radicals, however, Israeli citizens are making mass demands for a military operation, the preparation of which, according to Israeli sources, has already begun.

Experts note that the terrorist act that took place in Jerusalem could lead to an extremely serious escalation in the region, giving Israel a reason for complete freedom of action. Almost certainly, the escalation will also begin from the Lebanese group Hezbollah, which could lead to the unleashing of a full-scale armed conflict in the region.

To date, none of the radical organizations has claimed responsibility for the terrorist act. However, what is quite remarkable, in the territory of Palestine, a terrorist act against Israel began to be massively celebrated, which could lead to an even tougher response from the IDF.


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