Helicopter crash


An Israeli rocket accidentally hit a Mi-17 helicopter. First details

The investigation of the Mi-17 catastrophe in India revealed an inconsistency between the actions of the air defense and the air force.

The investigation into the incident in which the Indian Air Force’s Mi-17B5 helicopter crashed was completed. It is likely that the outcome of the investigation will be the bringing of several local officers to justice.

The crash occurred close to Srinagar (Kashmir) 27 in February of this year. That day there was a counter-attack by the Pakistani Air Force on the territory of India. This was a response to the bombing that had previously been carried out by the Indian Air Force on Pakistani territory, but the uncoordinated actions of the Indian Air Force and Air Defense were the cause of the helicopter crash.

During the incident, six Indian soldiers were killed. As it turned out, the helicopter was probably shot down by the Israeli air defense system "SPYDER", which is in service with India. There is no final report on the crash yet, it will be announced when the investigation is completed.

The investigation, led by an officer in the Air Force Command, completed the investigation, but since the defendants wanted to call more witnesses, the investigation was resumed.

The Investigation Chamber concluded that representatives of the two departments should appear before the tribunal because of the mistake that led to the crash of the helicopter. In the top leadership of the Air Force and in the government, we are confident that according to the results of the investigation, the perpetrators of the incident must suffer the most severe punishment.

As follows from the available information, the officers-anti-aircraft gunners of the air defense system, stationed at the Srinagar base, mistakenly took the helicopter, returning after the assignment, for a rocket fired at the base.

The Mi-17В5 helicopter, which is part of the 154 helicopter unit based in Srinagar, 27 in February crashed 10 minutes after takeoff. It happened in an area more than 100 kilometers from where the battle took place between Pakistani and Indian aircraft. The cause of the disaster was the erroneous actions of the air defense officers. As a result, six soldiers of the Indian Air Force were aboard and one civilian on the ground.