An Israeli rocket accidentally shot down a Mi-17 military helicopter. Video

An Israeli anti-aircraft missile shot down a Mi-17 helicopter.

On the eve of the day it became known that an Israeli anti-aircraft missile fired by the Spyder unit destroyed the Mi-17 helicopter, killing six people. According to the information provided by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta edition, the cause of the tragic incident was the failure of the air defense system.

“According to witnesses, the helicopter was blown up in the air. Even then, the so-called "friendly fire" was considered as one of the versions of the tragedy. Currently, these assumptions are confirmed. According to Indian media, for some reason the helicopter flew with the “friend or foe” system turned off. At the same time, India’s integrated air defense system did not identify him as an enemy, and the crew maintained radio contact with the air base in Srinagar until the very end. ”, - informs the Russian edition.

Given this failure, experts did not rule out that it could well be repeated, which causes a number of doubts regarding the effectiveness and safety of using the Israeli Spyder air defense system.

Despite the information that has appeared in Israel, they prefer not to comment on such information.