Israeli F-35s miss targets twice in front of Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Ministry

Israeli F-35 fighter jets missed their targets twice in front of Naftali Benet and the IDF leadership.

An attempt by the Israeli military to demonstrate the ability of their combat aircraft to strike ground targets ended in sharp criticism of the Israeli Air Force. As it turned out, two F-35 fighters from the Israeli Air Force were supposed to hit a ground target in the form of a towed artillery gun and a military tractor, however, neither of the two aircraft could successfully strike. Judging by the places of impact, neither the gun nor the truck received critical damage, although the latter, in the case of a real use, could well have been damaged by shrapnel.

On the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the training strikes by Israeli combat aircraft. The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Benet and the leadership of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) personally observed the strikes, however, the latter had to be surprised only in a negative way - the first plane missed its target by about 5-6 meters, while the ammunition , fired by the second F-35 fighter did not even get into the frame of the operator who was shooting - a miss, according to various estimates, could be up to 8-10 meters.

The IDF, despite requests from local media, refused to comment on such a low level of shoeing for Israeli pilots, however, the situation indicates that the Israeli Air Force is completely unprepared to work even on stationary targets, not to mention the fact that in the case of real combat use, fighters would have been simply destroyed by air defense systems.