Israeli officers arrived in Ukraine to train Ukrainian troops

Elite Israeli officers train the Ukrainian military.

The Israeli TV channel Kan News reports that at least seven Israeli elite officers have been recruited to train the Ukrainian military in combat tactics. This indicates that Israel is directly connected with the provision of military assistance to Ukraine.

A video report released by Kan News shows Israeli special forces soldiers training Ukrainian elite units. The report says that the Israelis are also actively involved in the fighting against Russian forces.

Earlier there were reports that up to a hundred former Israeli military, instructors and mercenaries could be in Ukraine, however, for obvious reasons, Israel does not comment on these data.

To date, it is known that Israel is ready to provide Ukraine with its weapons - we are not talking about the transfer of high-tech missiles or Iron Dome air defense / missile defense systems, however, the Israeli side can transfer Spike NLOS missile systems, air defense systems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine short and medium range "Barak-8" and other weapons. Moreover, such actions are rather associated not with the desire to provide assistance to Ukraine, but are due to an attempt at confrontation with Russia.