Russian Air Force


Israeli air defense will attack Russian aircraft?

The Israeli side recalls the end of the flight of combat aircraft at its borders.

Despite the fact that over the past two weeks the Syrian government troops, with the direct support of the Russian Air Force, managed to take control of most of the territory bordering on Jordan, Israel has opposed all military operations, including offensive ones, at its borders, and intends to destroy any aircraft that carry even a potential danger.

Experts say that it is mainly about counteracting any flights of the Syrian air force, however, given the fact that the Russian aerospace industry directly participates in the liberation of the territory of the Arab Republic, such a statement may apply to the Russian armed forces, although there are no official comments from the Israeli side has not yet done so.

This morning it became known that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel expressed a desire to discuss with the Russian colleagues the course of the offensive operation in Syria, which is likely to concern this very issue.

On the eve of the night four Israeli fighters took part in the attack on the Syrian military airbase T4, but thanks to the use of Syrian air defense systems, the attempt to attack Syria was succeeded in disrupting, moreover, for now not verified information, the Syrian S-200 SAM killed one of the Israeli military aircraft.

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