Israeli "Iron Dome" mistakenly shot down a flock of birds instead of missiles

An advanced Israeli air defense system mistakenly shot down a flock of birds.

The Israeli Iron Dome air defense system, monitoring the airspace over Israeli territory, unexpectedly detected the appearance of unidentified objects in the sky and opened fire on them. Initially, it was assumed that we were talking about launching several missiles towards Israel, however, as it turned out, considered one of the best air defense systems in the world, it shot down a flock of birds.

According to Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin, who refers to the information of the 14th channel of Israeli television, the incident occurred due to a system error in recognizing targets. It is likely that the Israeli military increased the sensitivity of the radars and therefore the latter recorded a flock of birds, as a result of which the latter were automatically recognized as unidentified targets, judging by the number of which, judging by the number, only rockets could be the last.

After launching anti-aircraft missiles and conducting reconnaissance, it was established that in reality, a flock of birds became a threat to Israel, which, due to Israeli actions, was struck.

Earlier, Israel announced that they were considering sending Iron Dome air defense systems to Ukraine, however, judging by the incidental case, such air defense systems will not help Kyiv.


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