Aegis rocket launch


JB Press: Russian warship interferes with launches of American anti-missile Aegis SM-6 Dual-II

A Russian warship interfered with US missile launches.

The information and analytical publication "JB Press", referring to the reports of the American military and analysts, reports that the Russian combat reconnaissance ship managed to prevent the American military from using the anti-missile system of the air defense / missile defense system "Aegis". We are talking about SM-6 missiles, which were never able to hit their target, which, today, Russia is suspected of.

“In Hawaii, where a very important naval base of the US Navy is located, uninvited guests appeared at the end of May - the SSV-535 Karelia reconnaissance ship of the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet, which actively collects and analyzes electronic signals. <...> Test launches of Aegis missiles were carried out on May 29. The Aegis-equipped warship was expected to be on alert at sea, detect, escort medium-range ballistic missiles and quickly test firing two SM-6 Dual-II missiles. However, as a result of the launches, none of them hit the target - the SM-6 Dual-II test failed. During the Karelia's presence in Hawaii, the Russian Navy intercepted most of the extremely valuable classified data that was received by the US Navy's Missile Defense Agency, - reports the publication "JB Press".

To date, the United States has no way to provide evidence of direct Russian interference, however, accusations against Russia are already being heard from the US defense department.

Nevertheless, any accusations against Russia are completely inappropriate.

“The Russian combat reconnaissance ship was in international waters and could carry out any mission. Even if there was interference, this is a problem for the American military, but not for Russia. ", - the analyst underlines.

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