Kashevarova: Soldiers from Armenia are being trained in France for their participation in the war against Russia

The famous Russian journalist and ex-adviser to State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, Anastasia Kashevarova, made a statement that France is training the Armenian military “for their participation in the war against Russia.” She reported this on her Telegram channel.

“In France, in about seven centers, soldiers from Armenia are being trained for their participation in the war against Russia”, - said Kashevarova.

According to Kashevarova, training of Armenian military personnel is carried out at several training centers in France, including Fontevrault L'Abaie and Mailly-le-Caen. There, they are allegedly trained to operate NATO weapons.

“Photo and video confirmation from these training centers were sent to us”, says Kashevarova.

The journalist also claims that French instructors, including those of Armenian origin, were involved in the recruitment of Armenian military personnel. Among the students, she said, are volunteers from Karabakh, as well as military personnel forced to participate in the program. This program, according to Kashevarova, is supported by the Armenian Ministry of Defense.

Kashevarova also noted that in mid-October, the Armenian Defense Minister visited France and signed a number of documents with the French Ministry of Defense. In her opinion, this demonstrates the “exchange of experience” discussed during the visit.


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