Kyiv was covered by a wave of powerful explosions

Numerous explosions thundered in Kyiv and its environs.

According to the Russian edition of Tsargrad, explosions took place in several different places in the Ukrainian capital at once. We are not talking about rocket attacks. At the same time, despite the seven explosions that thundered, the air raid alarm in the Ukrainian capital did not work. According to the information provided, unmanned aerial vehicles, which turned out to be associated with a wave of explosions in Kyiv, were to blame.

According to the Russian edition of Tsargrad, explosions occurred at various points in the Ukrainian capital - mainly on the outskirts of the city. This is directly related to the use of Shahed-136 kamikaze drones.

“Powerful sounds are heard not in the very center of the capital, but in its environs. All Ukrainian Telegram channels, as well as news agencies, urge citizens to calm down and not spread panic. Russian war correspondents, in turn, gave their version of events. They believe that powerful explosions may be the result of strikes by Iranian Shahid-136 drones. Loud noises were heard near the Obolon, Akademgorodok, Nivki metro stations and in other regions of the city., - reports the Russian edition of Tsargrad.

Such drones have already proven themselves, since it is extremely difficult to detect them by means of air defense and the only factor that gives them away is the high sound created by the operation of the engine.

In Kyiv, so far they have not commented on the explosions, and therefore it is not yet possible to give an objective assessment of their nature.



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