Aircraft MA-60


China wants to produce his planes in Russia

The Chinese aviation company «Xi'an Aircraft» intends to open production of turbojet aircraft in Russia.

At the moment, the leadership of the Chinese aircraft manufacturer expressed genuine interest in the organization in the Russian turbojet airplanes MA-60And as it became known, before the end of this year, will be officially announced the final decision on the matter.

Chinese turbojet airplanes MA-60 are single-aisle aircraft operated mainly for work on regional routes. The very development of the aircraft was carried out on the basis of Soviet aircraft An-24And at the same time, the aircraft was not only more reliable and simple in terms of operation and maintenance, but also have become a modern flight performance, which makes it very popular.

Based on expert opinions, news agency learned that if the parties agree on this issue, the production of aircraft MA-60 can already begin to 2018 years.


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