Voyevoda rocket launch


China called Russian nuclear missiles Voyevoda useless junk

China called Russian nuclear missiles obsolete.

Despite the fact that Russia has the largest nuclear potential in the world, the PRC doubted that the nuclear weapons that are in the arsenal of the country can take off altogether, which, according to Chinese analysts, is caused by the moral and physical obsolescence of Russian weapons.

Emphasis Chinese journalists We allocated the Russian V-Vovoda intercontinental ballistic missile R-36, noting that this liquid missile is hardly suitable for operation, however, Russia still has about 50% of such missiles in total nuclear weapons. Moreover, the PRC believes that even if these missiles can still be suitable for delivering a strike against the enemy, they are unlikely to be able to break through areas with modern air defense and missile defense systems.

At the same time, China is paying attention to the fact that the alignment may change after the development of the R-28 Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile is completed in Russia, however, the actual timing of its adoption is still a big question .

On the other hand, the PRC also does not have any modern developments, and therefore such a statement on the part of China is rather provocative.

Test run to China. Check)))

So in Russia everything is Chinese, and in nuclear reactors and military aircraft American technology and parts!

normal logic. If the Kremlin and Putin always lie and ponty, then why do they suddenly tell the truth ...

The use of intercontinental missiles of this type implies a preliminary suppression of missile defense systems, and the Chinese military understands this and knows. Military action is the use of weapon systems systems, each of which is designed to perform certain tasks, and not a competition of individual units. The combat readiness of the army depends on the success of the interaction of such systems, and not on individual types of weapons. The voivode is a weapon for causing unacceptable damage, nothing more. And the fact that journalists babble there is just to warm up the public and increase their own citation indices

Well, for starters, let's start with the fact that at one time they told us that millions of tons of grain were poured into the bins of the Motherland. But to show these same bins, as they were in no hurry. By analogy, China said. And which China, which Chinese specialist or which specialized publication?))) No need to publish what one grandmother said! Not solid!)))

And in general, before an ordinary war turns into a nuclear war, a high-altitude thermonuclear explosion will be proactively destroyed by the enemy’s satellite constellation.

China has demonstrated to the world a much more effective weapon - coronavirus. Even with the spontaneous spread of the virus, millions of victims.

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China does not take into account the possibility of a preliminary nuclear explosion in the air in the area of ​​subsequent ground use. An airborne nuclear explosion will launch a missile defense against a potential adversary. Perhaps this is a propaganda provocation of China, with the subsequent disclosure of Russia's nuclear capabilities.

Oh, someone would open their mouths, but not to the Chinese. Outstanding gunsmiths.