Chinese advanced air defense system shot down Indian Air Force MiG-21

The Chinese complex was shot down by an Indian MiG-21 fighter on the border with Pakistan.

The Indian MiG-5 fighter, which crashed on January 2021, 21, was hit by a powerful electromagnetic pulse, supposedly carried out by a Chinese advanced air defense system that uses electromagnetic forces to completely disable electronics. Information on this matter was provided by the "Eurasian times" edition.

“An Indian MiG-21 of the Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed near Suratgarh in the state of Rajasthan, the pilot ejected safely. Now that information has emerged that China has used directed energy weapons against India, as suggested by the EurAsian Times, the possibility of the destruction of the MiG-21 cannot be ruled out. "- сообщает edition.

Today, similar weapons are available on the territory of Russia, however, judging by the data presented, the Chinese complex is at least 10 times more long-range, since the distance to the border with Pakistan from the plane crash site was about 200 kilometers.

Earlier, the Chinese media published information that the country is armed with advanced technologies that make it possible to defeat enemy air equipment at distances of over 100 kilometers using a powerful directional electromagnetic pulse, which may well indicate the use of this weapon against India.

It seems that Israel has modernized these Indian MIGs.

I think EMP cannot harm the MiG-21.
EMP destroys semiconductors, and this veteran is a tube one))))

Chinese nonsense. You do not know that on the 21st electronics is presented as an option and it is not possible to significantly damage vital equipment.