Kommersant: the Russian army has more than 130 contacts with coronavirus - in just 10 days

The first cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the Russian troops.

After the emergence of information that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stopped publishing statistics on the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the troops, it became known that one of the reasons for this was the identification of the first infected with the infection, and more than a hundred infected people could be involved.

“The first three cases of COVID-19 infection have been officially confirmed in the Russian army. At the same time, at least 133 more people are under observation due to contacts with people with coronavirus. The ministry provided such data to the government at the end of March, a Kommersant source said. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Defense assesses the situation in the armed forces in connection with the coronavirus as “unstable,” the source said.- сообщает Russian information publication Kommersant.

How reliable such information is is unknown, however, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not published daily reports on the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in the troops for 11 days, which causes some concern.

"If we assume that the information on this matter is true, then it turns out that in just 9-10 days in the Russian army three positive cases of infection were detected, and at the same time, another 133 people are under suspicion, being potential carriers of infection."- the specialist notes

It should be clarified that no official statements by representatives of the Russian defense department were made to this effect.