Cruise missile Kh-31P hit the radar of the US Patriot air defense system

The cruise anti-radar missile X-31P at a speed of 3 MAX destroyed the radar of the American Patriot air defense system.

The Kh-31P anti-radar cruise missile destroyed a radar station simulating the operation of the Patriot air defense radar from a distance of 110 kilometers. A cruise missile at a speed of more than 3 MAX was able to successfully break into the radar deployment area and successfully destroy it, as evidenced by the corresponding video frames.

On the presented video frames, you can see the launch of the Kh-31P cruise missile by the Su-30 fighter. After the missile was launched, the latter successfully detected the source of the radar radiation and accurately struck. As it turned out, the destroyed object imitated with itself and the range of radar radiation an American radar station from the Patriot complex. This indicates that such weapons are best suited to combat US air defense systems and can be used to destroy air defense areas.

As it became known to journalists, the video footage was made by the Ministry of Defense of Algeria - this country is armed with both Su-30 fighters and Kh-31 cruise anti-radar missiles in several modifications. Such a demonstration of the capabilities of the missile was of particular concern to the United States, where it is believed that, if necessary, the Kh-31P cruise missiles can deal with the Patriot systems in service with Morocco and Spain in a matter of minutes.

“The Algerian Air Force is the only customer for export Su-30s, in addition to India and China, for the deployment of Kh-31 missiles. The missiles are prized for their high speeds in excess of Mach 3, the anti-radar variants have a range estimated at 110-130 km, and the Su-30s are expected to carry four to six missiles. The effective use of interceptor missiles is expected to partly offset the small size of the Algerian air force compared to the combined forces of its potential adversaries, as a NATO attack on neighboring Libya in 2011 raises fears that the country could be targeted in the future. Both Morocco and Spain operate the most advanced Western Patriot ground-based anti-aircraft missile systems, which can become the main target of Kh-31P strikes in case of war., - said in the message of The Military Watch Magazine.

To date, Algeria is one of the largest operators of Russian weapons and in the near future may become the owner of export versions of the Su-34, fifth-generation fighters Su-57 and Su-75.


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